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    Seeger Weiss is a trial firm. What separates our firm from most others is that we litigate each and every case as if it is going to “go the distance.” Our reputation as a trial firm is well known within the legal community and to defense firms and insurance companies across the bar. This reputation, and our willingness to fight for our clients’ rights through trial, is of paramount importance to reaching our ultimate goal of obtaining fair and just compensation for your injuries.

    Top Investigations

    VW Audi Recall

    Seeger Weiss Investigating Volkswagen & Audi for Environmental Violations Concerning Diesel-Powered Vehicles.

    Onglyza Lawsuit

    FDA Panel Votes to Update Onglyza Labeling to Warn of Heart Failure Risk. Seeger Weiss LLP is offering free consultations for patients who have suffered injuries from the drug Onglyza including heart failure.

    IVC filter Lawsuit

    Seeger Weiss is investigating IVC Filters. If you have experienced serious complications from IVC Filters please contact us for a free case evaluation


    Diabetes Drug Lawsuit

    The FDA has issued a warning regarding a new class of type 2 diabetes drugs sold by AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Eli Lilly in partnership with Boehringer Ingleheim that may cause dangerously high levels of blood acids that could require hospitalization.

    Zimmer Persona Knee Lawsuit

    Zimmer, the largest knee implant manufacturer in the world, has issued a recall of 11,658 Persona® Trabecular MetalTM Tibial Plate knee implants.

    Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit

    Testosterone therapy has been greatly beneficial for many but with the growing number of related complications, injuries, and deaths, many are forced to reconsider treatment.

    Zofran Lawsuit

    Seeger Weiss LLP is investigating claims that Zofran, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline has been linked to birth defects involving cleft lip, cleft palate and congenital heart defects.

    Xarelto Lawsuit

    Lawsuits filed against the manufacturer of the drugs claim the companies failed to properly inform doctors and patients concerning the risks of using the medication.

    Proton Pump Inhibitor Lawsuit

    The US FDA has issued a number of warnings concerning the link between Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPIs) and heart health problems.

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