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Most people will go through their life and rely on medications like antibiotics or more serious pain medication at least once. Part of this process involves a trust that the physician prescribes these drugs after careful thought and the assumption that drug manufacturer has done everything possible to ensure that these medications are safe for humans to use.

Unfortunately, even though drug manufacturers a have a clear responsibility to ensure that all the medications they sell are as safe as possible and have appropriate warnings regarding any side effects, drug injuries or possible risks, many medications make it to the shelves of your pharmacy and could lead to critical injuries.

When a drug company makes profits the bottom line, patients might suffer critical injuries in the interim. Even when the FDA ultimately issues a recall, many patients might have had to suffer in order to prevent others from suffering a similar fate.

How Drug Injuries Become Publicized

Often, it is the patients who take the drugs and the doctors who prescribe them who raise suspicion about potential drug injuries. Even though there are regulations about proper testing and safety protocol for medications, drug injuries can and do result when companies rush this process rather than ensuring that the drug is as safe as possible for consumers.

When patients and doctors start sharing news of adverse reports, the next stage is typically an FDA investigation and medical research studies to discover whether or not these links exist. By the time the FDA pulls a medication or requires some other step on the manufacturer’s part, it’s likely that many patients have already suffered. Those patients may only be able to pursue recourse by filing a personal injury claim.

Basics of Drug Injuries

In the best case scenario, patients are eligible to evaluate the benefits and risks of taking a particular medication with the help of their physician. However, some pharmaceutical companies do not take the appropriate steps necessary to protect consumers. Instead, these companies make their bottom-line the primary purpose and shelve public safety. Unfortunately, these devastating side effects and severe drug injuries have the potential to turn your life upside down. Some of the worst symptoms may even be life threatening.

Do Injured Patients Have Rights?

Although it’s unfortunate to accept that many of these manufacturers know the risks upfront and may even intentionally cover up dangerous side effects to obtain government approval, you may be eligible to pursue legal action by speaking with an experienced attorney. Many of these defective and dangerous drug injuries could lead to a multi-million-dollar class action lawsuit against the companies who make them and the companies who market them.

Some of the drug cases we are currently investigating include:

Vast Experience and Leadership in Drug Injury Litigation

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