PCB contamination lawsuit

PCBs Contamination Lawsuit Attorneys

Polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, are a family of human-made, highly toxic chemicals that do not break down even after decades of circulating in the environment. Because of these properties, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency banned PCBs in 1979. But PCBs continue to circulate in the environment to this day, contaminating water bodies and the entire food chain, including humans. Virtually all these PCBs were manufactured and sold by the former Monsanto Co.

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Our Role

Seeger Weiss has deep experience representing states and local government entities in PCBs litigation against Monsanto. Seeger Weiss represented New Hampshire in its lawsuit against Monsanto, which settled in 2022 for $25 million. The firm currently represents the State of New Jersey, the City of Los Angeles, nine Illinois cities and villages on Lake Michigan, and the Burlington (Vermont) School District in PCB litigation against Monsanto. We have also been recently retained by other public entities preparing PCB litigation.

Seeger Weiss’s environmental practice is led by Matt Pawa. Over the last 25 years, Matt has been involved in some of the country’s most important environmental cases. These include New Hampshire’s lawsuit for statewide MTBE contamination, in which a jury awarded a $236M verdict against Exxon after only 90 minutes of deliberation. This landmark case established important legal principles that are now used in cases nationwide against manufacturers of toxic chemicals.

In addition to his PCBs practice, Matt also currently represents public entities suing 3M and DuPont (among others) for contamination of natural resources and public property by the so-called forever chemicals, PFAS. Matt was recently named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 and to Lawdragon’s list of 500 Leading Environmental & Energy Lawyers. Matt is assisted by an able team of experienced lawyers, including senior attorneys who have worked with Matt for over a decade to represent public entities in pioneering litigation against manufacturers of environmentally harmful products.