Vioxx Heart Attack & Stroke

Vioxx Heart Attack & Stroke

Chris Seeger was appointed co‐lead counsel in litigation representing individuals injured via heart attacks and strokes by the pain medication Vioxx. Seeger Weiss played an essential role in securing a $4.85 billion global settlement on behalf of more than 45,000 plaintiffs in approximately 27,000 claims.


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Our Role

Founding partner Chris Seeger served as co-lead counsel for this multidistrict litigation, involving approximately 27,000 separate cases against Merck & Co. over recalled pain medication Vioxx, which has been associated with serious cardiovascular injuries, including heart attacks. Seeger Weiss’ partner Dave Buchanan served as co-chair of discovery for this MDL and trial counsel in several bellwether trials, where he helped develop the overall litigation strategy used against Merck. Following five years of intense litigation, Seeger Weiss attorneys played a crucial role in securing a $4.85 billion settlement from Merck in 2008 for those who were harmed after taking Vioxx.