Misleading Consumers: “Not From Concentrate” Orange Juice Class Actions

Your “100% pure and natural orange juice” might not be either.

Tropicana, a division of PepsiCo, Inc., Simply Orange, a division of the Coca-Cola Company, and Florida’s Natural Growers are not being truthful about their “not from concentrate” (“NFC”) orange juice.

Mass marketed orange juice cannot be fresh squeezed, even if it is NFC because fresh squeezed orange juice is unstable and has a short shelf-life. Fresh squeezed orange juice has a shelf-life of approximately ten days refrigerated and between three and six months frozen. Industrial processing and storage improves shelf-life, but adversely affects the flavor, aroma, and nutritional qualities of orange juice. Nonetheless, to extend shelf-life NFC juice undergoes extensive processing that includes the addition of aromas and flavors. This extensive processing changes the essential nature of the NFC juice sold by Tropicana.

The outcome is not natural orange juice, but instead a product that is engineered in laboratories, extensively processed and manipulated, which explains its shelf-life of more than two months.

Well aware of what consumers want, the manufacturers are taking advantage of consumer preferences by deceptively promoting and marketing their NFC juice as “100% pure and natural."  The juice isn't; it has been pasteurized, de-aerated, stripped of its flavor and aroma, stored for long periods of time before it ever reaches consumers, and then flavored, before it is packaged into the carton for further shipment and sale.

Have You Been Misled?

Seeger Weiss is currently investigating and pursuing litigation against each of these manufacturers who are intentionally misleading consumers.

If you have purchased any “not from concentrate” orange juice, please let us know more about your experience.

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