Chemical Exposure Lawsuit

Workers whose employment exposes them to dangerous chemicals may suffer serious injury in the case of accident or negligence, but chemical exposure may also occur outside of work. Unfortunately, obtaining compensation may be difficult and a chemical exposure lawsuit may be needed to obtain justice for the injured.

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Chemical Exposure Lawsuit

Nearly any type of work can expose its employees to dangerous chemicals. Even office and retail workers can be injured by chemicals at work, but the worst injuries often occur in factories or places where dangerous chemicals are manufactured or used.

Workers’ compensation may be available for workplace accidents, but this type of coverage is limited and only available under certain conditions. In cases where negligence or fault may be involved or when an injury was not in a place of employment, a personal injury claim or chemical exposure lawsuit may provide compensation that is more comprehensive.

Types of Chemical Exposure

Toxic chemical exposure occurs when a dangerous chemical or substance is inhaled or absorbed or comes into contact with skin, resulting in bodily injury. In some cases, chemical exposure may be severe and serious from one incident but in other cases, long term damage may occur and result in serious injuries.

Common agents involved in chemical exposure

  • Asbestos – may result in asbestosis or mesothelioma
  • Pesticides – such as Paraquat which has been linked to Parkinson’s disease
  • Herbicides – including Roundup or glyphosate-related cancer 
  • Diacetyl – chemical used in food production and vape juice
  • Heavy metals – such as lead and mercury
  • Carbon Monoxide – generally at home or workplace when heaters malfunction
  • Carbon disulfide – used in the manufacture of viscose, rayon and other textiles
  • Chlorine – one of the most severe and common causes of chemical exposure
  • Water, air and soil contamination – from improper industrial activity

Filing a Chemical Exposure Lawsuit

People who were injured at work should first seek assistance by filing a workers compensation claim. Claims must be filed immediately with the workplace and state agency. Workers compensation does not require the establishment of “fault”, only that the incident occurred during the course of employment. It may provide coverage for lost work and medical costs but may be limited by time, services or other factors.

People whose injury involved fault or negligence on the part of an employer, corporation, company or other party, may be eligible for a chemical exposure lawsuit as part of a personal injury claim, product liability or other “tort” action which may provide compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. Injured victims or family members of those who were injured should seek legal assistance for a chemical exposure lawsuit evaluation.

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