Stephen A. Weiss Named to Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee in In re Polyurethane Foam Antitrust Multidistrict Litigation

Seeger Weiss is pleased to announce that co-founding partner, Stephen A. Weiss, has been named to the Plaintiff Executive Committee in the In re Polyurethane Foam Antitrust multidistrict litigation by Judge Jack Zouhary, United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio. The suit accuses eleven polyurethane foam manufacturers and their co-conspirators of engaging in a conspiracy to fix, raise, and maintain the prices charged for polyurethane foam sold in the United States in violation of antitrust laws. Mr. Weiss’s appointment follows his extensive experience in other large, complex litigations, including cases against Premium Standard Farms, where Mr. Weiss secured an $11,050,000 jury verdict in 2010 in Jackson County, Missouri, and the Starlink Corn Products multidistrict litigation where he served as Co-Lead Class Counsel in securing an $110 million settlement against Aventis Cropscience USA (now Bayer CropScience).

Polyurethane foam is a cushioning product used in residential and commercial furnishings, automotive interiors, carpet underlay and in hundreds of industrial, medical, packaging and technical applications. Plaintiffs allege that the price fixing began at least as early as January 1, 1999 and continued until July 27, 2010, when the United States Department of Justice raided the offices of a number of manufacturers of polyurethane foam across the country, as part of an ongoing investigation into an alleged price-fixing conspiracy in the industry. Shortly after, plaintiffs across the country, upon learning about the anti-trust violations, filed civil actions. All name the same participants in the conspiracy: Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company, Valle Foam Industries, Inc., Domfoam International, Inc., The Carpenter Company, The Woodbridge Group, Flexible Foam Products, Inc., Scottdel Inc., Foamex Innovations, Inc., Future Foam, Inc., Vitafoam Products Canada Limited, and Vitafoam Inc.


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