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Seeger Weiss’ New York office is located at 77 Water Street, 8th Floor, in Manhattan’s financial district. Other than its convenient location, what makes this building particularly interesting is that there’s a British WWI single-seater fighter biplane on its roof. The sculpture, a full-size Sopwith Camel, was designed by Rudolph de Harak and sculpted by William Tarr in 1969 and comes complete with a grassy runway atop the 26 story building.

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A Law Firm That Understands Business and Tort Law

When a company is sued for millions of dollars or an individual suffers a preventable personal injury, you need New York attorneys with a deep understanding of business and tort law. Seeger Weiss’ proven knowledge and experience is why businesses and individuals seek our advice—and why the New York office continues to receive industry recognition. Learn more:

Toxic Tort Law Firms Combat Industrial Waste

The theory in New York and elsewhere used to be that industrial waste need only be shoved under the rug and it would be gone. Out of sight, was indeed, out of mind. But as events at Love Canal, New York were uncovered, today’s far-away rural industrial waste dump is tomorrow’s suburb, where one may someday live and where one’s children may end up going to school.

Claiming Legal Liability for Injury

Legal responsibility or legal liability for a personal injury really gets down to common sense. Most accidents happen because someone was careless, or in legal terms “negligent.”

Why Hire a New York Accident Attorney?

At the very beginning of your accident claim process, or at any point along the way, you might decide that your claim is too big or too complicated to handle without a New York personal injury lawyer. This may be because there are technical or legal complexities that make it difficult for you to pursue on your own, or you may have reached a stalemate with the insurance company. Hiring a New York personal injury lawyer is especially helpful when injuries suffered are serious. Learn more:

Putting a Dollar Value on NY Accident Injury

For many, it’s hard to place a dollar value on their pain and suffering after a NY accident. That’s why some New York personal injury lawyers discuss with clients how insurance companies look at injuries and share some of the formulas they use. Learn how to identify, document and prove your injuries:

Urban, Environmental and Green Initiatives Set Historic Goals

New York City has always been at the forefront of progress. Now more than ever, it is leading the charge for:

Density and Diversity Bring Share of New York Accidents and Crime

New York County (which contains Manhattan) has the highest population density with a calculated 104.218 persons per acre says Geographical Information Systems. Its size, density and diversity serve as a magnet for tourists and residents with multiple interests and multiple tastes.

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Since its establishment in 1999, Seeger Weiss has led some of the most complex and high-profile litigations in the U.S.