Oasis – Haven for Women and Children

Seeger Weiss Proudly Supports Oasis – Haven for Women and Children

Oasis – Haven for Women and Children

Seeger Weiss is proud to support Oasis–Haven for Women and Children, a nonprofit organization that aims to break the cycle of poverty through compassionate programs designed to empower those in need. Located in Paterson, New Jersey, Oasis provides educational and social service programs that support women entering the workforce and help children thrive academically. In addition, Oasis operates a soup kitchen and supplies city residents with emergency food, clothing, and social support.

Seeger Weiss Partner Dave Buchanan and his family have been long-term supporters and volunteers of Oasis since the nonprofit’s founding over two decades ago and Dave currently serves as co-chair of Oasis’s capital campaign. Associate Rick Barreca is also deeply involved in the firm’s efforts to support Oasis, leading community drives to collect and deliver toys and school supplies to the organization.

Most recently, Seeger Weiss held a backpack drive, during which the firm was able to donate dozens of backpacks and additional school supplies – including journals, writing materials, and folders – to children in need. Resources like these are essential for kids to be successful in school, and Seeger Weiss is grateful to be able to support these children in need. But the firm’s support does not stop there.

Seeger Weiss has also previously supported Oasis through many kinds of donation drives and volunteering events:

  • In 2019, Seeger Weiss made a significant financial contribution at their Oktoberfest Fundraiser to support the organization’s mission. Firm staff also attended the fundraiser and participated in the authentic German celebration and activities.
  • For Thanksgiving 2019, Seeger Weiss donated a pickup truck filled with turkeys, making a significant financial impact on families in need.
  • Seeger Weiss organizes an annual Christmas toy drive for Oasis, providing gifts to children and families, as well as giving an annual financial contribution during the holiday season.
  • The firm also conducts an annual back-to-school drive, contributing essential school supplies to those in financial distress.
  • Many Seeger Weiss employees also volunteer their time and make material contributions to help women and children at Oasis, and to provide support to our community.

If you would like to get involved with Oasis, you can:

  • Volunteer your time
  • Make a one-time or monthly contribution
  • Sponsor a lunch at their soup kitchen
  • Donate
    • New or gently used in-season women’s and children’s clothing
    • New or gently used furniture
    • Nonperishable food and new personal care items. They also accept donations of baby formula and food, diapers, and pull-ups
  • Attend one of their fundraising events