The Ailing NFL Players And The Lawyer They Say Swindled Them

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By Ryan Boysen | July 29,2019

Larry Webster was being given a second chance.

A hulking, self-described “country boy” from a small town in rural Maryland, Webster spent 10 years in the NFL smashing into other players as a defensive tackle and won the 2001 Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens just before he retired from the league at the age of 33. Fourteen years later, he was in his mid-40s, between jobs and down on his luck.

So Webster says he listened carefully as a lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, explained that he was guaranteed a six-figure check from the newly inked National Football League concussion settlement. Brokered primarily by Seeger Weiss LLP, the deal saw the league establish a bottomless fund to compensate up to 20,000 retired players suffering from football-related brain injuries.

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