Stephen Weiss Quoted on Connecticut Catholic Church’s Lobbying on Statute of Limitations

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In a Hartford Courant article on Sunday, October 6, Stephen Weiss was quoted in connection with the attempt by the Roman Catholic church in Connecticut to fight attempts to change the statute of limitations laws with regard to child sexual abuse, a change that would allow more adult survivors to bring criminal and civil actions:

The article reads, in part:

The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference — the church’s lobbying arm — has spent $875,261 to influence legislation at the state Capitol since 2011, according to a report by a group of law firms that represents clergy sex abuse victims.

The accounts of priest sexual abuse contained in the Bridgeport diocese report are “the latest chapter in an old and tired book,” said Stephen A. Weiss, an attorney with Seeger Weiss, one of the firms that produced the report.

“The lobbying efforts demonstrate time and time again that the Catholic Church does not stand by survivors but rather revictimizes them,” he said.



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