Shauna Itri to Speak at National Taxpayer Fraud Conference

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Taxpayers Against Fraud

Shauna Itri, partner at Seeger Weiss LLP in Philadelphia, will speak at the annual conference of Taxpayers Against Fraud, on Friday, October 4 at the Washington Marriott Georgetown in Washington, D.C.

“Blowing the Whistle in the Digital Age” begins at 1 p.m. on the last day of the three-day conference, Itri will share the stage with Simson Garfinkel, Senior Computer Scientist for Confidentiality and Data Access of the U.S. Census Bureau, and Mark Pastin, CEO of the Council of Ethical Organizations in Alexandria, VA.

For over a decade, Itri has been leading litigation teams in complex fraud cases in state and federal courts. Her nationwide practice has focused on representing whistleblowers in False Claims Act lawsuits, and tax and securities whistleblowers with claims under IRS and SEC programs. She also represents plaintiffs in class actions such as securities, consumer and government fraud, antitrust, and cases involving patent harm.


Since its establishment in 1999, Seeger Weiss has led some of the most complex and high-profile litigations in the U.S.