Our Statement on Yesterday’s Invasion of the Capitol Building

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We, like many millions of Americans and countless others worldwide, were saddened and appalled by the seditious invasion of the Capitol building yesterday. Although we ardently support the right of expression and protest conferred by our First Amendment, the barbarous acts perpetrated yesterday must not be excused as a demonstration permitted by our hallowed freedoms, but rather condemned and prosecuted for the criminal insurrection that they were. This is more than a black mark on America; this is an indelible stain on the historical fabric of our nation. The true strength of our country is simple: we are guided by the rule of law and the peaceful transfer of power.

Nor can we ignore that the acts perpetrated by this violent minority were incited by the words and deeds of the President and his acolytes. These are not the acts of patriots committed to protect our nation’s Constitution, but rather those of raw opportunists.

We write this now gravely, not to change or influence minds but to record our own commitment to our nation’s rule of law and democratic principles. We join spiritually with our fellow Americans who view yesterday as a day of infamy, and who will continue to cherish the democratic principles that are the foundation of this great country.


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