Seeger Weiss’s Inaugural Diversity Fellow Brittany Jackson Designates San Francisco’s 100% College Prep for Charitable Contribution

Seeger Weiss LLP is pleased to announce that its inaugural Diversity Fellow, Brittany Jackson, has designated the San Francisco nonprofit 100% College Prep for a charitable contribution of $5,000 from the firm. The donation is a part of her fellowship award. The nonprofit, located in the Bayview–Hunters Point neighborhood where Jackson grew up, aims to make the dream of a college education achievable for all by providing academic resources for local middle and high school students.

“Brittany is a wonderful young woman who participated in one of our week-long college tours when she was 15 years old,” said 100% College Prep cofounder and program director Diane Gray. “It’s absolutely wonderful that we made such an impact on her life that she suggested this charitable contribution be given to us.”

100% College Prep runs programs in and out of local schools, placing coaches on campuses as well as running an afterschool program. In 2021, 36 of the nonprofit’s high school seniors earned $1.6 million in college scholarships and counting.

Jackson is a now second-year law student at the University of California, Hastings. A graduate of the University of California, Merced, she earned her B.A. in psychology in 2016 before pursuing a law degree. At UC Hasting, Jackson is a member of the Black Law Student Association, the Women of Color Collective, the Hasting Public Interest Law Foundation, and the Hasting Health Law Organization. Before attending law school, Jackson spent years as a social service provider in San Francisco: with unhoused adults at Episcopal Community Services and with young women of color at the Bayview Hunters Point Foundation. “I am passionate about continuing to do work that creates positive change in the lives of others,” Jackson said. “I intend to make an impact by assisting and empowering people through advocacy and legal support.”

Seeger Weiss launched its Diversity Fellowship in February 2021, which provides an exceptional rising second-year law student who shows the promise both of becoming an outstanding attorney and of contributing meaningfully to the diversity of Seeger Weiss and the legal community with a stipend plus an additional charitable contribution to a nonprofit organization of their choice.

“I got interested in torts because the community I grew up in, Bayview–Hunts Point, is on toxic land—it’s a superfund site. People in my community suffer from higher rates of cancer, skin conditions, obesity, and respiratory ailments. Who do we even hold accountable for this? Answering that question is so important to me,” said Jackson.

“The cases I worked this summer on aligned with what I seek to do as an attorney: provide legal support for marginalized communities and individuals, to create some sense of equity, to hold bad actors to account. And the attorneys I worked with trusted me with assignments that were meaningful and helpful. It’s been an amazing opportunity.”


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