Alum Jennifer Scullion Sets Up Emergency Fund

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By: Louise Kennedy

These days, more of us than ever are realizing how events can take a sudden turn and present us with a financial crunch. Jennifer Scullion (CAS’91) has known that all along.

Scullion came to BU as a Trustee Scholar, and she knew she had to make every penny count. She also knew that what might seem like a small problem to another student—suddenly needing to buy an expensive textbook, say, or take an unplanned trip home—could wreck her budget.

“From my own personal experience, when things came up unexpectedly it was particularly problematic,” she says. “I know that kind of pressure.”

That’s why, now that she’s a successful lawyer, Scullion decided to establish the Scullion Fund for Emergency Assistance at the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS). As a former scholarship student herself, she recognizes the value of traditional financial aid, but she also knows it isn’t always enough.

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