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Were Weyerhaeuser's TJI Joists With Flak Jacket Protection used in the Construction of Your home?


Were TJI Joists used in the construction of your home?

Homeowners living in houses built after December 2016 with TJI Joists have reported the joists give off a strong “pickled” odor. They claim they have suffered nausea, breathing difficulties, headaches, and stinging and tearing of the eyes caused by the off-gassing of the joists.

According to a press release issued in July 2017 by the Weyerhaeuser Company, the company’s TJI Joists with Flak Jacket Protection coating underwent a formula change that caused the coating to release fumes. The company claims the odor is caused by formaldehyde-based resin, which has been included in the Flak Jacket Protection since December 2016.

If you believe your home might be affected by the formaldehyde-containing joists, you could be eligible for compensation.

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Risks of Formaldehyde Exposure

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a strong odor. It is used in a variety of household products and building materials, including those used to make furniture, cabinets, and walls.

Though some exposure to formaldehyde is not considered a major health risk, ongoing or excessive exposure can cause feelings of sickness, including sore throat, scratchy eyes, nosebleeds, and a cough.

Those who are especially sensitive to formaldehyde or who suffer from other health risks are most likely to experience health issues. Children and the elderly face higher risks, as do people with asthma, bronchitis, and other breathing conditions. The risk is also higher for pregnant women and their unborn children, as well as those managing chronic diseases.

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, and it’s assumed higher levels and long-time exposure increase a person’s risk for developing cancer.

If you are concerned that ongoing exposure to formaldehyde has caused health problem for you or a loved one, you might be able to take legal action.

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How Do I Know If My Home Was Built with Weyerhaeuser TJI Joists?

Homes built by Toll Brothers, Richmond America Homes, CalAtlantic Homes, and K. Hovnanian Homes that might be affected by the joists are located in:


• Delaware

• Minnesota

• New Jersey

• New York

• Pennsylvania

If you purchased a home or you are currently living in a home that you believe is affected by the joists, you could be eligible for compensation. Homeowners could receive money for damages related to replacement of the joists and any associated medical costs.


Was there a Weyerhaeuser TJI Joist Recall?

Not officially. The company issued a press release announcing the halting of all “production, sales and shipments” of the TJI Joists Flak Jacket Protection product and stated that it would collect unused products from consumers.

However, the company stopped short of issuing an official recall. All of the costs associated with fixing problems caused by the joists are not covered by the company.

Despite there being no official recall, you could be eligible for compensation. Contact us to learn more.

Weyerhaeuser TJI Joists Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits are currently being filed on behalf of homeowners affected by the TJI joists containing formaldehyde. According to the lawsuits, the joists are off-gassing at levels that exceed safety standards and are putting homeowners at risk.

The lawsuits also claim the joists are defectively designed and manufactured, and that gases being emitted render homes uninhabitable and pose a serious safety risk to those who are living in the homes.

Participating in a class action lawsuit could help you get money to cover the costs that exceed what homeowners are due to receive from Weyerhaeuser. If you are living in a home built after December 2016 by any of the above-listed builders with the TJI Joists in question, you could be eligible to receive compensation for:

• Costs associated with repair, removal and/or replacement of the joists

• Money for the loss of property value

• Cost of medical monitoring

• Relocation expenses

• Cost of monitoring formaldehyde levels

• Wages lost because you had to take time off to deal with the repairs, etc.

• Any costs associated with the delay of a closing on home purchases or sale

Every case is different. You’ll need to speak to an attorney about your case to determine if you are eligible for compensation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.


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