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Volkswagen / Audi Recall Lawsuit

Volkswagen in Hot Water

In September 2015, Volkswagen admitted to purposefully deceiving the American consumer and the government by faking vehicle emissions testing results for the last 6 years. When the U.S. introduced stricter vehicle emissions standards in 2009, Volkswagen installed illegal software in their diesel vehicles, which was designed to turn off the full emission control system during an emissions test. When the car was on the road, however, the vehicle spewed 40% more nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere – well over the current U.S. standards. 

Volkswagen initially lied to environmental regulators for over a year. They continued to blame technical errors for the discrepancies between lab testing and road testing emission results. Finally, they had no choice but to admit their wrongdoing. This recent admission, prompted the Environmental Protection Agency to order the recall of up to 500,000 vehicles.

Volkswagen will now face up to $18 billion in fines for their role in manipulating emissions testing and a full criminal investigation by the Justice Department. They will also likely face Volkswagen lawsuits from consumers who are losing money due to this deception.

Volkswagen shares have also plummeted more than 30% after recent admissions. In addition, CEO Martin Winterkorn recently stepped down amid the scandal.

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