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Oil Spill News

The Obama administration said that it would require significantly more environmental review before approving new offshore drilling permits, ending a practice in which government regulators essentially rubber-stamped potentially hazardous deepwater projects like BP’s out-of-control well.

The more stringent environmental reviews are part of a wave of new regulation and legislation that promises to fundamentally remake an industry that has operated hand-in-glove with its government overseers for decades. – May 3, 2010: Seeger Weiss announces investigation of BP Gulf Oil Spill

Associated Press – May 4, 2010: Owner of sunken oil platform had safety concerns

Business Week – May 4, 2010: Florida governor: Lawsuit against BP PLC possible

Business Week – April 30, 2010: Miss. seafood operator files oil spill lawsuit

Reuters – April 30, 2010: US Gulf oil spill set to trigger lawsuit flood


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