Grand Lake O’cherokees Landowners

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Seeger Weiss LLP serves as Co-Lead Counsel in an action pending in the state District Court of Mayes County, Oklahoma pertaining to environmental damages to the Grand Lake O’Cherokees caused by the disposal of massive quantities of chicken litter by the operations of various major poultry integrators and their contract growers. In that action, Seeger Weiss achieved the certification of two classes of owners of property around the 44,000-acre lake after a three-day hearing by the District Court, and that ruling was only narrowly overturned by the Oklahoma appellate courts during nearly two and one-half years of appeals. Seeger Weiss continues to aggressively pursue these claims.

Seeger Weiss has also worked on litigation surrounding the illegal discharge of solid wastes by factory hog farms. Learn more here.


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