Truck Accidents

Vehicle accidents have lead to great loss in both lives and monetary or property damage. Although cars make up the majority of vehicles involved in accidents, large trucks still make up a significant portion of vehicles involved in accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the year 2004, one out of every 8 traffic fatalities resulted from an accident involving a large truck. A large truck is defined for these statistical purposes as one that has a total gross weight rating that exceeds 10,000 pounds. The total number of deaths that occurred as a result of truck accidents in the year 2004 was 5,190 fatalities. A look at the truck accident statistics from 2004 shows that among the numerous motor vehicle accidents involving trucks, only 15% of the fatalities involved in the accidents were of the occupants of the truck. The majority of the deaths, 77%, were of people in one of the other vehicle involved in the accident. The remaining percentage of fatalities consisted of pedestrians or other various bystanders.

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Statute of Limitations

Most states have set strict time limitations during which one can recover for any personal injuries resulting from a car or truck accident. If you do not secure your rights within the applicable time period, you may permanently lose your opportunity to bring a claim for personal injuries sustained. Since the ability to recover for your damages is very time sensitive, it is important that you contact an experienced attorney immediately.

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