Airbag Injury Lawyer

Airbags were created to save lives, but defects in the design and manufacturing of some airbags have caused more harm than good.

If you or a loved one is involved in an event that causes an airbag in your vehicle to deploy and you are injured by the impact of the airbag, you’re likely overwhelmed by your experience. The same is true if your airbag failed to deploy and protect you during a collision.

The situation is even more complex if the problem with the airbag was caused by a malfunction or problem with the design.

Airbag defects include:

  • Exploding bag
  • Deploying with too much force
  • Not deploying or deploying too slowly
  • Deploying improperly or at an angle that results in harm
  • Unnecessarily deploying
  • Releasing shrapnel or other objects during deployment

According to the National Transportation and Highway Safety Administration (NTHSA) in the nearly 20-year span from 1990 to 2007, there were 284 Americans killed, including 180 children, due to defective airbags. Thousands more experienced non-fatal airbag injuries during that time period.

An airbag injury lawyer might be able to review your case.

Airbag safety is the responsibility of those who design, manufacture, and install the device in a vehicle. This means if you are injured by an airbag defect, there could be multiple parties at fault.

If you or a loved one is injured because of the deployment of an airbag or the airbag in a vehicle fails to deploy during a collision and you are injured because of the malfunction or defect, you might want to speak to an airbag injury lawyer.

Airbag Injury Attorneys Evaluate Defective Airbag Accidents

There are a number of things an airbag injury attorney might be able to do after an airbag incident.

They might review the accident and determine what happened during a collision. They might investigate to determine whether or not the airbag in the vehicle deployed. They might also evaluate whether or not any malfunction of the airbag led to or increased the severity of injuries.

Next, an airbag injury attorney might gather evidence. They’ll gather details on the manufacturer of the airbag, as well as the vehicle manufacturer. They will likely look for a pattern of concern or whether the problem was only with the airbag in a specific vehicle.

In an airbag-related incident, it’s possible for multiple entities to be responsible. Anyone who played a role in the design, manufacture, or installation of an airbag might be liable if someone is injured.

Vehicle Manufacturers Deny Problems with Airbags

It’s possible a single airbag in a specific vehicle could malfunction and not be an indication of a larger problem.

However, there are ongoing concerns about certain airbags in vehicles that consistently fail to operate as intended.

Honda dealt with an issue in which the airbags in its vehicles were releasing metal fragments when deployed. Initially, they believed the incident to be isolated, but eventually, they were forced to admit an ongoing problem with the Takata brand of airbags they had installed in their vehicles.

The issue also affected other vehicle manufacturers and eventually, more than 14 million vehicles made by 11 different automakers were recalled.

As a result of the defect, two people were killed and hundreds were injured when airbag deployment caused metal fragment or chemicals to be released into the air.

Should I File an Air Bag Injury Lawsuit?

If you’ve been injured because of an airbag defect, you might be eligible to file an airbag injury lawsuit. Airbag lawsuits are filed because:

  • Airbags fail to deploy or deploy fully
  • Airbags unexpectedly deploy
  • Airbags deploy and release shrapnel or chemicals into the air
  • Airbags deploy with too much power or speed

Airbag injuries can be serious and in some cases, the injuries caused by a defective airbag can be fatal.

To learn more or to speak to someone after you’ve experienced a problem with an airbag, contact us to schedule a free consultation.



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