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Accident Lawyers

An accident lawyer might be able to help you when you experience a personal injury related to a vehicle collision.

Accidents lawyers and personal injury lawyers are hired to provide guidance for anyone who is injured in an automobile wreck in which at least one other party is negligible. In some cases, this means another driver, but sometimes fault lies with a company or other organization. There might even be more than one person or entity with liability.

Tips for Hiring an Accident Lawyer

If you are injured in an automobile collision and you want to hire an accident lawyer, what should you look for?

A lawyer or law firm with a focus on personal injury.

It might be possible for a lawyer whose focus is on another field to represent you after an accident, but it’s not optimal. You’re better off working with someone who has experience not only in personal injury but also with vehicle collisions.

An accident attorney or law firm that has a good reputation.

Though even the best lawyers aren’t right for everyone, in general, you want to choose a lawyer who has met the expectations of his or her clients. Investing some time in learning about how an attorney’s previous clients feel about his or her work can save you a great deal of frustration.

A lawyer who makes you comfortable and has the time to handle your case.

There are plenty of great lawyers out there who just don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to your case. While an attorney can work with more than one client at a time (this is the norm), you don’t want someone overwhelmed by his or her caseload.

Discuss your expectations in advance and make sure you’re as comfortable working with a given attorney as he or she is taking on your case.

Why Should You Hire an Accident Attorney?

Deciding whether or not you need to hire an accident attorney can be a challenge.

It’s possible to file a personal injury claim without hiring a lawyer, but it’s rarely the right thing to do. Even if you have experience with the legal system, representing yourself means taking on a burden you don’t need when your focus should be on your recovery and your health in general.

Working with an accident attorney means you won’t need to go toe-to-toe with big insurance companies and their lawyers. An attorney on your side means you’ll have access to the resources you’ll need when you need them and you’ll have someone acting as your advocate when you need it most. It also means the insurance company will take your claim seriously and be less likely to try to take advantage of you.

An accident attorney might be able to provide guidance and support if you’ve been injured in an accident.

How Do You Know You Have an Accident Lawsuit?

There are several things a personal injury lawyer will consider before filing an accident lawsuit on your behalf.

First, he or she will consider if there was liability, which means there is a defendant liable for your injuries. Being injured is not enough to file a lawsuit – there must be someone to file it against.

Next, a personal injury attorney will consider if it’s possible to prove that liability. The law requires liability be proven and in order to do so, an attorney will need to gather documents, testimony, and other evidence that will prove how an injury occurred and how someone else was at fault.

Finally, you’ll need to discuss with your accident lawyer if filing a lawsuit is worth the financial investment.

In most cases, personal injury attorneys only recover money if their clients receive compensation, so there’s relatively little reason to be concerned about a lawyer taking on your case when you don’t stand a chance. However, filing a lawsuit is a significant investment of time, money, and other resources, and it’s important to make sure the potential recovery outweighs the cost of the lawsuit.

One last thing to consider when determining whether or not to file an accident lawsuit: the statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations is the length of time the legal system allows a plaintiff to file a claim against a defendant. This length of time varies, but it is typically anywhere from two to 10 years, depending on the state in which you are filing the lawsuit and the type of lawsuit you need to file.

One of the first things a personal injury accident lawyer will consider is whether or not you are still within the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit.

If you’d like to know more about personal injury lawsuits or you want to speak to an experienced accident lawyer, contact us to schedule a consultation.


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