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Mercedes-Benz Under Investigation for Diesel Emissions Controls

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On the heels of what could be the largest class action settlement in US history regarding the Volkswagen emission scandal, Mercedes-Benz US and its parent company, German automaker Daimler, are now under investigation by the Department of Justice and could face similar charges.

According to a statement released by Daimler, there are potential discrepancies in the diesel-emissions certifications of the company’s vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz USA has been instructed by the DOJ to begin an internal investigation reviewing its certification and admissions process related to exhaust emissions. According to the statement, the company intends to comply with authorities and “… take all necessary actions.”

Ongoing Legal Trouble for Automakers

The investigation comes amidst a flurry of legal action against vehicle manufacturers in recent years. In addition to the VW settlement, Toyota recently paid $1.1 billion in a lawsuit related to its floor mats and General Motors is being sued for at least $350 million regarding its defective ignition switches.

As a result of its settlement, Volkswagen must now compensate owners and lessees, replace or fix their vehicles, and provide additional funds for a mitigation trust fund for environmental remediation and to promote Zero Emissions Vehicle technology.

According to the lawsuit filed against Mercedes-Benz, all of the company’s diesel models emit more oxides of nitrogen when the ambient temperature is cooler because of a shut-off device allowing greater emissions if the temperature is below 50 degree Fahrenheit. The suit references several studies conducted by various government and independent organizations throughout the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands regarding the Mercedes diesel vehicles. The results of the studies show certain cars polluted several times higher than allowable standards. One independent test even showed a car polluting at eight to 20 times higher than the EPA’s allowable standard.

Daimler denies it manipulated emissions controls, pointing out it was allowed to emit higher emissions in certain circumstances and says it will continue to defend its actions.

Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Affected

The following Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners and lessees are affected:

S Class            2012-2013       S350 BlueTEC 4MATIC

E Class            2006-2009       E320 BlueTEC

E Class            2014-2016       E250 BlueTEC

M Class           2010-2014       ML350 BlueTEC

M Class           2015-2016       ML250 BlueTEC

R Class            2006-2009       R320 BlueTEC

R Class            2010-2012       R350 BlueTEC

GL Class         2006-2009       GL320 BlueTEC

GL Class         2010-2016       GL350 BlueTEC

GLE Class       2015-2016        GLE350 BlueTEC (also known as GLE300d)

R Class            2006-2009       R320 BlueTEC

GLE Class       2015-2016        GLE350 BlueTEC (also known as GLE300d)

E Class            2006-2009       E320 BlueTEC

E Class            2014-2016        E250 BlueTEC

R Class            2010-2012        R350 BlueTEC

GL Class         2006-2009        GL320 BlueTEC


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