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Seeger Weiss Investigates Premature Rotting and Leaking of Kolbe Windows with “K-Kron” Finishing System

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Seeger Weiss is investigating complaints that windows manufactured by Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co., Inc. (“Kolbe”) are prone to premature rotting, leaking and deterioration.  It has been reported that the windows permit water to seep into the window sash, causing water damage and wood rotting that can go unnoticed until the wood is almost completely destroyed. Homeowners are then forced to replace not only the windows, but the entire window frame as well.

At issue is Kolbe’s high performance finishing system called “K-Kron.”  The system is supposed to resist elements such as salt, wind, rain and snow.  Yet the K-Kron system does not perform as Kolbe promises.  Worse, Kolbe continued to sell windows with the K-Kron system despite receiving knowledge of the problems from many frustrated customers.

Consumer complaints allege that the windows could fail after only a few years of installation.  However, Kolbe refuses to honor its express warranties and the consumer is left to front the bill for the repair costs.  Consumers expect more from Kolbe, a company who has manufactured windows for over 60 years.


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