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EPA Alleges Fiat Chrysler Violated Emissions Standards With Deceptive Software

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accused Fiat Chrysler of installing software on over 100,000 trucks and SUVs that underreported the amount of pollutants the vehicles spewed into the air.

The EPA is alleging that the software the automaker installed on roughly 104,000 trucks and SUVs since 2014 deceived regulators and consumers while releasing nitrous oxide emissions in excess of what is permitted by the Clean Air Act.

Fiat Chrysler denied the allegations in a statement and said it “intends to work with the incoming administration to present its case and resolve this matter fairly and equitably and to assure the EPA and FCA US customers that the company’s diesel-powered vehicles meet all applicable regulatory requirements.”

Fiat maintains that the emissions control devices installed on their vehicles are “properly justified” and are not the “defeat devices,” which Volkswagen recently admitted to using on their vehicles.

The automaker could face fines of $44,000 per affected vehicle if the allegations turn out to be true, Reuters reported.

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