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Chevrolet Cruz, Chevrolet Colorado & GMC Canyon Lawsuit Investigation

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Chevrolet’s so-called “clean diesel” models Cruze and Colorado emit higher levels of pollution than originally disclosed to the government, and more than the company claimed was emitted in its marketing campaigns.

Now, Chevrolet and GMC are facing allegations similar to the ones levied against Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and Mercedes. Further testing revealed these “clean diesel: engines do not meet emission standards in all real-world driving conditions, despite what lab tests previously showed.

Now, consumers are fighting back after being misled by Chevrolet. Many purchased or leased their vehicles with the belief they were investing in a more environmentally friendly vehicle. In reality, they are stuck with vehicles that emit higher-than-permitted emission levels. Furthermore, their vehicles have depreciated in value far faster than vehicles that do meet basic emissions standards.

Additional Legal Issues for Chevy’s Cruze and Other Models

In addition to the claims against Chevy related to its clean diesel engines, the manufacturer is facing legal action related to issues with the vehicle’s steering system. Vehicle owners claim their steering wheels locked while driving.

One plaintiff claimed the wheel locked on her Cruze while traveling on a straight stretch of highway. She was forced to use “extreme pressure to turn the wheel,” which could have led to sudden turning and a serious safety threat. GM had previously issued a statement that the steering issues were not a safety hazard, but also alerted dealer and gave them instructions for dealing with the issue if customers complained. They were instructed to install a software update to remedy the problem.

According to claims against GM, dealerships repaired vehicles using defective parts while vehicles were under warranty. The defective parts triggered additional steering issues that needed to be fixed again after the warranty expired.

Chevy and GM now face a multitude of legal action concerning vehicle safety and emissions standards.

Seeger Weiss is investigating claims against Chevrolet and GM concerning its Cruze and Colorado vehicles. If you drive a Chevrolet Cruze or Colorado and you have experienced steering issues, or you are concerned about the pollution emitted by the vehicle, contact us for more information.


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