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BMW Alloy Wheels Under Investigation After Allegations of Cracking Vulnerabilities

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Seeger Weiss is investigating claims for a class action suit against BMW for alloy wheels that allegedly sustain cracks in ordinary driving conditions. The wheels at issue have been assembled on 2007-2012 BMW Z4 vehicles.

It is alleged that the alloy wheels are subject to cracking as early as 20,000 miles. It has been reported that the wheels can crack during normal operation, which can pose a serious safety hazard on the road. Further, BMW refuses to honor their 4 year/50,000 mile warranty by refusing to cover the cost of repair which could amount to a few thousand dollars.

We believe BMW knew or should have known that the alloy wheels were vulnerable to cracking. Such phenomena should have been discovered through standard testing procedures. Nevertheless, BMW continued to market and sell the BMW Z4 vehicles without disclosing to the consumer the fact that the alloy wheels could be subject to cracking.

If you own or leased a BMW Z4 with alloy wheels that have cracked, please contact us. All initial attorney consultations are free of charge.


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