2010 Ends with Some Unusual New York Accidents

New York is known for some tragic accidents, such as the US Airways plane crash in city’s Hudson River and, of course, the devastating 911 terrorist attacks. However, this large and densely populated city proves to be “home” to some very unusual New York accidents, as well. Take a look:

Both ‘Spider-Man’ Actress and Stunt Man are Injured in Separate New York Accidents

A lead actress in the new Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” suffered a concussion at the first preview performance when, standing offstage, she was struck in the head by a rope holding a piece of equipment.

“Spider-Man” is one of the most technically complex shows ever to be mounted on Broadway. It includes 27 aerial sequences of characters flying and scores of pieces of moving scenery, some of which are among the biggest now on a New York stage. She was the third actor to be hurt working on the production until a fourth New York accident occurred to a stunt man who broke several ribs and sustained internal bleeding when he plunged into the orchestra during an evening’s performance and had to undergo back surgery.

During the show, the stunt man leaped off a platform to save Spider-Man’s beloved Mary Jane. Her harness held, his didn’t, and he plunged nearly 30 feet into the orchestra pit.
Source: The New York Times and DNAinfo.com

Falling Ice Injures Man in Times Square

Falling ice hit a man in the head in Times Square causing a New York accident and sending him to the hospital. He was bleeding from the forehead when firefighters responded, fire officials said.

While it wasn’t immediately clear where the ice fell from, witnesses said it seemed to fly from the Mariott Marquis Hotel at Broadway and West 45th Street. A spokeswoman for the Mariott Marquis said a hotel engineering team and the NYPD were looking at different setbacks on the hotel to determine where the ice was coming from.

Roughly an hour later, more ice was seen falling from the Marriott Marquis.
Source: DNAinfo.com

A New York Accident in the Lobby of a Co-op Turns Messy

When a New York board member fell in the lobby of a co-op, the management company failed to notify the insurance company, assuming the woman wasn’t badly hurt and would not sue. It assumed wrongly; this person is now suing the co-op, and the shareholders stand to lose a lot of money because of her lawsuit. Discussion is underway with a New York accident lawyer whether the management company is liable for the negligent manner in which the claim was handled.
Source: The New York Times

Police Officer Hit in Buttocks

An off-duty New York accident police officer was shot after an argument outside a Bronx diner.

Detectives from the Eastchester Road station house, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was continuing, said the dispute was over a minor two-car New York accident outside the Pelham Bay Diner on East Gun Hill Road just before 5 a.m. The officer was a passenger in one of the vehicles, a Nissan that was being driven by a friend. Several men were in the other vehicle, a dark Chevrolet Caprice, the police said.

Tempers flared and someone from the Caprice shot the officer in the buttocks with a .25-caliber pistol, the police said. Two shell casings were recovered from the scene, and both were believed to be from the same weapon.
Source: The New York Times

Jet’s Football Coach Unsportsmanlike Act

The Jets suspended indefinitely assistant coach after he acknowledged that he ordered five inactive players to form a wall along the sideline for a punt return, during which he tripped Dolphins player, Nolan Carroll.

Replays of the Miami/Jets matchup show six Jets lined up, tightly, right up against the painted line, presumably to act as a deterrent to Dolphins gunners who ventured up the sideline. The wall itself is not against NFL rules, but the location of the Jets’ line of inactive players was. They were too close to the sideline, in an area where only coaches and substituting players are allowed.

Other receivers, including Jerricho Catchery said playing a gunner position feels like navigating a New York subway platform during rush hour, a chaotic mix of hands and feet and shoves.

The Jets great wall of inactives, however, overshadowed the most egregious misbehavior that was Coach’s intentional trip to cause harm to Carroll on return of kick and makes this the most unusual New York accident in 2010.
Source: The New York Times

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Here are some other New York accidents:

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