Drug Warnings

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A Misalignment of Priorities

Pharmaceutical companies are in need of reform due to a misalignment of their priorities with that of their customers. Corporate governance in drug companies focus on the shareholder’s bottom line, which is completely inconsistent with health care, medicine and access to pharmaceuticals, where the patient should come first. Learn more about:

Pharma Companies Influence

Researchers at Dartmouth Medical School estimate tens of millions more Americans were diagnosed with a sickness or health problem during the 1990s than before. One reason points to the fact that definitions of diseases have changed. And behind those changes, are USA pharma companies wanting to classify more healthy people as sick—and doctors over prescribing medications to their patients. Read more:

Confusion over Drug Names

While the FDA reviews new drug names for potential confusion, it rarely requires name changes of existing drugs despite well documented instances where medicine errors have caused dangerous harm. Celexa and celebrex is one example. Another is primidone and prednisone. Become better informed on this wide-spread problem.

Dangerous Drug Interactions

The Journal of the American Medical Association estimates that 700,000 people a year, especially the elderly, experience adverse drug side effects that lead to emergency room visits. As big Pharma companies become more distracted in their efforts to fend off competition from generics and place more energy and resources on marketing, physicians and patients have to take more of an active role in ensuring drug safety.

Differences in Types of Drug Injuries

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the actual cause of an adverse drug event (ADE) because a drug allergy, a drug reaction or a medicine error can all be culprits. The VA Center for Medication Safety reports about 25% of adverse drug events are due to medication errors. Here we explain the differences, so you and your doctor can better diagnosis the problem and know where responsibility lies.