Seeger Weiss LLP Obtains $600,000 Settlement for Injured Construction Manager

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Seeger Weiss obtained a $600,000 settlement for a 46 year old FDNY Construction Project Manager in his case against Arnell Construction Company and Kreisler Borg Florman General Construction Company.  The case was brought for injuries which sustained as a result of a fall from a makeshift step at a construction site being controlled by the construction companies.  The plaintiff was vigorously represented by Christopher Seeger, Marc Albert and Moshe Horn of Seeger Weiss LLP throughout the litigation, which came to a conclusion after Mr. Seeger picked a jury at the trial in the Supreme Court, Kings County and as the parties were preparing to make opening statements on the case.

During the course of discovery, Seeger Weiss obtained documents and testimony which showed that the area where the accident occurred had been a source of concern to the New York City Department of Design and Development, who was overseeing the project, for some time and that several complaints had been lodged to both the Construction Manager on the job, Kreisler Borg Florman, and the General Contractor on the job, Arnell.  Seeger Weiss was prepared to show that despite these complaints and the existence of a longstanding dangerous condition, the defendants failed to make the area safe, resulting in the plaintiff’s accident.

The result was a fitting conclusion to several years of litigation and justly compensated the plaintiff for the serious lower back and knee injuries he suffered as a result of the fall.  The settlement was put on the record before the Honorable Burt Bunyan on July 27, 2009


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