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Catastrophic injuries are a type of personal injury which is life-altering or life-threatening which will prevent someone from normal life activities such as work. Catastrophic injury usually affects the brain, spine or spinal cord and can be caused by accident or negligence. Seeger Weiss attorneys are personal injury experts and have helped numerous clients obtain compensation for their catastrophic injuries.

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You or a close family member has been seriously injured.  It was not your fault.  Whether as a result of an accident, a defective product, or the actions (or inactions) of a medical professional or another person, the question arises: Should you pursue a personal injury lawsuit?

No one should ever have to suffer because of the wrongful or negligent acts of another.  Personal injury law exists so that wrongfully injured people—people suffering injury to their person, property, reputation, or legal rights—can achieve justice and receive compensation for the harms they suffer.

The best and surest way to fight such damage is to seek out an experienced injury attorney, like one on our team at Seeger Weiss LLP.  Seeger Weiss has the experience and resources to take on even the largest and most well-financed businesses and adversaries.  Over the last 20 years, we have won or favorably settled thousands of cases on behalf of our clients and their families, providing them with the compensation and support they need and deserve.  Some recent examples and success include:

  • Seeger Weiss served as lead counsel for a class of over 20,000 retired National Football League (NFL) players against the League, over brain and neurological injuries resulting from head hits and concussions. The firm negotiated a settlement of substantial awards (as great as $5 million for the most seriously injured), for an estimated total value of over $1 billion, ensuring medical care and meaningful compensation for the players and their families.
  • Seeger Weiss served as Lead Counsel in litigation against AbbVie Inc. and other manufacturers, concerning their testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) products. The firm served as trial counsel in several bellwether trials against AbbVie over their testosterone product AndroGel, winning federal jury verdicts greater than $150 million in the first case and $140 million in the second. The firm continues to represent plaintiffs in the ongoing litigation.
  • Seeger Weiss represented 11 victims and their families in the tragic Wildcats bus accident case, in which four fatalities and countless other serious injuries occurred when a Coach Canada bus carrying an “under 21” female hockey team veered off and struck a parked tractor-trailer on the shoulder of Interstate 390 near Rochester, New York. Following an arduous trial, the firm won $2.25 million for three of the victims and their families, followed by a global settlement of $36 million on behalf of all of the victims.

If you’ve been injured by the negligent or wrongful acts of another, please call our law firm directly by dialing 877-912-2668.  We represent clients from throughout the country in courts in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and, together with co-counsel, nationwide.


Since its establishment in 1999, Seeger Weiss has led some of the most complex and high-profile litigations in the U.S.