TimberTech Composite Decking Lawsuit: False Advertising Claims Investigated by Seeger Weiss

September 26, 2012

Seeger Weiss, LLP is investigating claims for a class action suit involving TimberTech composite decking. TimberTech deck is supposed to be “low-maintenance,” and it is supposed to “maintain its color and beauty for years.” In fact, the company’s motto is, “Less Work, More Life.” Yet purchasers of the company’s decking material are complaining about staining, fading, blotching and discoloring within only a short period of time after installation. 

Moreover, TimberTech’s customer support has been sub-par. The company often recommends to its frustrated customers a cleaner to be applied to the deck. After customers apply this cleaner, the results are minimal, at best. This certainly contradicts TimberTech’s claims that its decking product is “low-maintenance.” 

In order to facilitate our lawsuit against TimberTech, we kindly ask that all purchasers of the company’s composite decking material come forward to discuss your claim. All initial attorney consultations are free of charge. 

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