Electrolux Lawsuit

June 13, 2012

Nothing beats the convenience of a pre-installed ice maker on a refrigerator, especially on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, for consumers of Electrolux refrigerators, that convenience is mired by defects that cause the ice maker to stop working only months after purchase. Thus, Seeger Weiss is investigating claims for a class action suit against one of the leading manufacturers of home appliances, Electrolux U.S.A., Inc.

Electrolux refrigerators are sold in major retail stores throughout the U.S., and are priced around $2,000 to $4,000. Consumers are willing to pay top dollar for these appliances because the company advertises that its refrigerators have “innovative performance you can count on.” Yet ice makers that quit working shortly after purchase certainly contradict the manufacturer’s claim. Aside from falsely advertising that the consumer “can have ice at your finger tips,” Electrolux manufactures refrigerators that leak water causing damage to the refrigerator and the consumer’s home. Additionally, many consumers have reported excessive rattling noise emanating from the ice makers. To make matters worse, Electrolux has failed to remedy these defects and satisfy consumer complaints.

Consumers began complaining about these refrigerators in 2008. Four years later, consumers are still voicing their frustration. A number of videos appear on YouTube, describing the gravity of the situation. Here’s one example of a particularly shoddy refrigerator: 


This consumer is surely not alone, and Seeger Weiss is asking those affected to come forward as we examine claims for a class action suit against Electrolux. 

Seeger Weiss is a leader in consumer class action lawsuits. With experienced attorneys and locations throughout the United States, our firm provides world-class service to our clients. We treat each case with careful attention to ensure that consumers get the justice they deserve. If you or someone you know has been a victim of defective Electrolux refrigerators, please feel free to contact us. All initial attorney consultations are free of charge. Seeger Weiss, LLP has office locations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California.


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