Seeger Weiss Investigates CVT Transmission Defects in Ford and Mercury Vehicles

September 17, 2012

For over 100 years, the Ford Motor Company has manufactured and sold many lines of cars and trucks.  Consumers expect that Ford has the knowledge and experience to create a safe, reliable automobile.  But Seeger Weiss has learned that some models of Ford and Mercury vehicles contain serious manufacturing and design defects. 

The 2005 through 2007 Ford Freestyle and the 2005 through 2007 Mercury Montego vehicles are equipped with a continuously variable transmission (“CVT”).  These transmissions are supposed to provide better fuel economy and a smoother driving experience than traditional automatic transmission systems.  However, consumers have complained about mechanical failures of the transmissions and breakdowns. These sudden, unexpected breakdowns while the vehicles are in operation present obvious dangers to drivers, passengers and other motorists.  

Ford has yet to acknowledge this problem, and in addition to the safety hazards, these transmission failures cost consumers thousands of dollars in repairs.  Moreover, Ford has not reimbursed their customers for these expenses.  

Consumers rely on Ford’s dependable brand of vehicles.  But, when buying a vehicle that is unsafe and mechanically flawed, consumers are not getting the reliable vehicle for which they bargained at the purchase of sale.

In order to further our investigation, Seeger Weiss is asking owners and lessees of the 2005-2007 Ford Freestyle and 2005-2007 Mercury Montego to come forward if they have been affected by CVT Transmission failures.

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