Rear Wheel Lock-Ups of Chrysler Trucks Investigated By Seeger Weiss

August 27, 2012

For years, Chrysler’s Dodge Ram truck has been known for its toughness and durability.  While Chrysler may be capable of producing a rugged, long-lasting truck, the company may also have overlooked a serious design flaw in its 2009-2010 Ram models.  Seeger Weiss is investigating reports of serious problems with the truck’s rear wheel differential.   

Even under normal driving conditions, the Ram’s rear differential can lock-up resulting in loss of control, skidding and spinning.  Aside from the obvious dangers to the truck’s drivers, passengers and other motorists during these hellish skids, metal parts have been known to separate from the truck, damaging the chassis (including the fuel tank) and resulting in debris flying towards other vehicles.  

In the end, the Ram’s rear differential defect renders the car inoperable and in need of repair. But when affected consumers turn to Chrysler for reimbursement of the repair expenses, the automaker shuns their requests, and consumers are left to pay for the damages and repairs themselves.  Moreover, in addition to failing to remedy the differential defect, Chrysler has not issued any recall or informed 2009-2010 Ram customers of the potentially dangerous situation that the truck can cause. 

In order to further our investigation, Seeger Weiss is asking owners and lessees of the Dodge Ram to come forward if they have been affected by the truck’s rear wheel differential defect.

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