Norcold Refrigerator Lawsuit

December 27, 2012

Seeger Weiss is investigating claims for a nationwide class action lawsuit against Norcold for allegedly selling defective gas absorption refrigerators.  These refrigerators have caused or contributed to at least 2,000 fires since 1999.

The refrigerators’ cooling units overheat causing the steel tubing to reach temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which can ignite the flammable gases and ultimately cause fires.  These fires have been known to spread in RV’s and boats causing property damage and serious injury to owners.

Norcold was aware of such risk and acknowledged the defect, as evidenced by their 2006 press release.  In that statement, Norcold noted, “We first became aware of the problem when we saw an unusually high number of cooling-unit failures coming back from the field and a few minor incidents reported . . . Through analysis we were able to determine the defect occurred as a result of an engineering change made to the cooling unit.”

But Norcold continued to sell units even after they became aware of the fire hazards.  The Ohio-based company issued product recalls beginning in 2000.  Yet these recalls were a half-hearted attempt to remedy the problem because the refrigerators allegedly continued to cause fires even after being retrofitted with a thermal sensor.

Seeger Weiss believes Norcold may be liable for selling defective RV and boat refrigerators.  So we are asking all of those who have been affected by a defective Norcold refrigerator to contact us to discuss your situation.


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