Energy Drink Lawsuit

January 4, 2013

Energy drinks have become a popular trend throughout the United States as consumers search for ways to keep up (physically and mentally) with their busy lives. In fact, energy drink sales reached more than $10 billion in 2012. However, research has shown that these popular beverages might have less of an effect on consumers as advertised. 

Dr. Robert W. Pettitt, an associate professor at Minnesota State University, has studied energy drinks. He claims that the drinks effect the body in the same way that coffee does. This means that, aside from a jolt of caffeine, these energy beverages offer little, if any, extra benefit to consumers. 

Except energy drink companies advertise that their beverages are specially concocted brews or scientific formulas that offer something greater than an average (and boring) cup of coffee. Seeger Weiss is investigating whether popular energy drink companies are, indeed, falsely advertising their products.

As we gather information for a class action suit against these companies, we ask anyone who has purchased energy drinks to contact us if you are concerned that you might not be receiving the benefits that these companies claim. All initial attorney consultations are free of charge. 


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