Jeld-Wen Window Problems

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is pointing a finger at someone else with regard to the Jeld-Wen window problems? Builders are blaming the window installer; the window installer is blaming the contractor; the contractor is blaming the painter. But with so many complaints surfacing, they—and homeowners—are figuring out it’s a manufacturer problem.

Jeld-Wen window problems include a wide gamut of defects. As we reported in July of 2012, builders and homeowners are frustrated over “Low-E” (or low-emissivity) windows saying they have a reflective distortion from the outside looking in and mirror-like distortion when inside looking out. What’s more, the windows built-in reflective qualities designed to keep heat inside and protect interior furnishings from fading are causing damage to neighboring structures and plants.

Additional window defects for Jeld-Wen, as well as Pozzi brand windows, have also surfaced. Apparently, the seals of the windows are breaking and causing water leakage, which results in rotting wood frames, foggy windows, and interior home damage.


Financial Woes

Per news reports, the Jeld-Wen window problems are coming at a bad time for the Oregon-based manufacturer who reached $720 million in assets in 2006 to plunge to $335 million in 2011, according to BrightScope. Their financial woes are impacting employee pension plans and investors—but should their problems also impact honoring their workmanship and warranties for homeowners? We think not.

Not Honoring Their Warranties

Besides dealing with their Jeld-Wen window problems, many homeowners are getting the runaround by the company. The company, “Promises Reliability for Life,” on their website but doesn’t seem to be honoring their promises or their warranties. Many homeowners have been forced to pay out tens of thousands of dollars not only to replace their Pozzi and Jeld-Wen windows, but also fix the structural damage caused by the window defects.
In reviewing company’s warranty for Wood and Metal-Clad Wood Windows, it says, “… we warrant that if your JELD-WEN Product exhibits a [window] defect in material or workmanship within twenty (20) years from the date of manufacture, we will, at our option, repair, replace or refund the purchase price of the Product or component part. Skilled labor (where deemed necessary by us) to repair or replace components is provided for two (2) years (unless specified otherwise)."

Warranties for aluminum and vinyl Jeld-Wen window problems read similarly but are warranted only for 10 years from the date of manufacture. Does the company think that the labor clause allows them to avoid fixing window problems and standing by their product? We think otherwise.

Take Action by Joining Others

Join others who have also experienced problems with Jeld-Wen windows, so your voice can be heard. Seeger Weiss is pursuing litigation against Jeld-Wen on behalf of frustrated homeowners and builders. Contact us today if you have experienced Pozzi or Jeld-Wen window problems and have encountered a lack of any concrete support from the company.

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