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    Because life presents a myriad of unfortunate circumstances, sooner or later, everyone needs to ask an attorney for counsel. The key, when your time arises, is how to find the right attorney.

    Since each law firm offers different legal specialties and types of attorneys, it’s important to seek out a firm who possess the experience that you most need. Seeger Weiss has the type of attorneys and resources necessary to tackle the most complex legal issues pertaining to compensation for personal and drug injuries, defective products, exposure to harmful toxins and unlawful and unethical commercial transactions.

    Having active cases in virtually every area of civil litigation, we do our utmost to represent clients fairly, efficiently and with the compassion and understanding they most need.

    Personal Injury

    A preventable injury from an accident can be devastating, whether it’s from an auto accident, work-related injury or an injury at a construction site. Victims are faced with the problem of how to find the right attorney, time off work, medical bills, and the uncertainty of whether the injury will affect them and their families long-term. Seeger Weiss is proud of this legal specialty and its record of recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts for clients who have been wronged or seriously injured in an accident.

    A recent settlement for construction worker.

    Defective Products

    The legal tort system allows victims of unsafe products to seek justice and ensure manufacturers are held accountable. If you or a loved one has been tragically injured by a consumer product and need to ask an attorney about the best course of action, let Seeger Weiss be more than your advocate — let us fight for you.

    A recent suit over faulty Coleman furnace.

    Drug Injury

    Severe drug injuries and side effects can be life-changing—and even life-threatening. Because of this, many dangerous drug injuries result in million-dollar class-action lawsuits against the companies that manufacture and market pharmaceuticals. During the past decade, Seeger Weiss has become one of the premier mass tort firms in the United States, particularly in the area of pharmaceutical drug injury.

    Seeger Weiss’ 5th verdict against Accutane maker.

    Toxic Exposure

    Each of us deserves clean air to breathe and clean water to drink—as well as a toxin-free place to work. Seeger Weiss has the experience in investigating, presenting evidence and bringing environmental toxic exposure cases to trial for clients whose lives have been callously injured by the wrongdoings of others. A snapshot of recent cases:

    DuPont Imgrelis herbicide investigation.

    Missouri factory farm verdict.

    Chinese drywall verdict.

    Qui Tam Whistleblower Claims

    Seeger Weiss attorneys have successfully represented whistleblowers in a wide array of matters, including cases that have led to multi-million dollar recoveries, including the largest healthcare fraud case ever settled – with the U.S. and state governments recovering over $3 billion.

    Tailor Mohan Whistleblower Case

    Doshi Diagnostic Imaging Service Whislteblower Case


    According to the American Cancer Society, thousands of people each year are diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the body’s organs. And nine out of ten cases of mesothelioma are caused by exposure to asbestos, whose steel-like fibers when inhaled through the mouth and nose embed themselves in the lining of lungs—causing lung cancer or asbestosis.

    Class Actions

    Class-action litigation gives an average person the ability to take on the largest corporations and private entities. Banding together hundreds—or even hundreds of thousands—of individuals into one lawsuit gives a case more merit and forces the defendant to take notice. Ask an attorney, such as Seeger Weiss, for more information.

    A recent action against former Entenmann.


    Recent securities fraud robbed millions of everyday people of their livelihood, their homes, and their retirements. Types of securities fraud can take on many forms: deceptive practices used to artificially inflate (or depress) the price of a security, enticing investors to make decisions to purchase or sell investments, or manipulating the market for a given security.

    Commercial Disputes

    Commercial transactions occur every day and the majority of transactions are very successful for all parties involved. Seeger Weiss is the type of attorney who steps in when a commercial transaction goes askew and parties are victimized and compelled to bring a lawsuit against the other party.

    A recent Vonage settlement.

    If you’re still unsure about how to find the right attorney in order to pursue compensation for a personal or drug injury or discuss legal options pertaining to a commercial lawsuit, please call us.

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