Right a Wrong through Class-Action Litigation

The purpose of class action litigation is to give an average person the ability to take on the largest corporations and private entities, providing them with the chance to redress the wrong done by these entities.

Banding together hundreds—or even hundreds of thousands—of individuals into one lawsuit gives the case more merit and forces the defendant to take notice. For many victims, class action litigation has provided the only meaningful way for redress from widespread discrimination, fraud, and other violations of the law. Just look at the benefits of class action litigation against major tobacco companies in the past, and Wal-Mart and Toyota more recently.

Upholding ERISA

Pension fraud is another area in which class-action litigation is particularly beneficial. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was enacted so millions of Americans could sleep better at night knowing that the funds placed in their retirement plans will still be there when they retire.

Our experienced ERISA lawyers have fought for retired Delta Air Lines pilots whose pension benefits were being compromised; for tens of thousands Bell South employees whose pension administrator conducted fiduciary breaches in the management of their 401K; and, most recently, for 25 Bakery and Confectionery union workers. Our current ERISA class-action litigation argues that plan amendments eliminating union’s Golden 80 and 90 early retirement benefits eligibility is in violation of ERISA. See Seeger Weiss’ favorable motion to date.

What is a Class-Action Lawsuit?

From a legal standpoint, class-action litigation provides an efficient process for settling similar or identical legal issues by unifying attorney efforts and court decisions. For instance, class action attorneys can react to a single set of court decisions rather than several inconsistent rulings from different courts. Plaintiffs get equitable treatment and reward, which further simplifies the process.

Another advantage of class action litigation is the preservation of settlement funds. The effort prevents early cases from removing opportunity by later filers to seek redress—by ensuring that all victims’ cases are settled under the terms of one class action settlement.

Class Action Law Firm

Seeger Weiss is proud to represent individuals and classes of plaintiffs, government entities, public companies, and private organizations in federal and state class action litigation across the country. Often, we serve in leadership positions, strengthening our reputation as experienced and effective class action litigators. Learn more, by contacting us.

Other class action cases we are investigating include:


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