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NFL Concussion Lawsuit Gains International Attention

July 12th, 2012

Weeks after founding partner Christopher Seeger was appointed Co-Lead Counsel in the Multidistrict Litigation surrounding allegations that the National Football League improperly treated player injuries, the case continues to gain momentum in the media both in the US and abroad. A recent article in the Australian publication The Sydney Morning Herald discusses controversy around the removal of an Australian football player from the field after he experienced a concussion. Citing the consolidated American lawsuits, led by Chris Seeger in Philadelphia, the article noted that the Australian Football League’s strict handling of the player’s injury is actually best practice. The article notes, “Last month, a class action lawsuit was filed in Philadelphia, with up to 80 former NFL players and their families claiming the league had purposely hid links between concussion-related head trauma and permanent brain damage suffered to players. If this claim is successful, there will be global ramifications.” Follow the latest developments in the NFL concussion lawsuit through Seeger Weiss’ up-to-date NFL Football Concussions Page.