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Fosamax Lawsuits On the Rise, Drug Injury Experts Warn of Fractures

November 8th, 2011

As lawsuits against Fosamax manufacturer, Merck & Co. emerge around the country, drug injury experts are warning patients and doctors about the drug’s harmful side effects. Most notably, the medication, which is indicated to strengthen the bones of those at risk for osteoporosis, has actually been said to make bones weaker, causing an array of unusual problems. Because of such claims, the FDA is expected to publish official warnings about Fosamax later this month. Sheryl Vondracek, an associate professor at the University of Colorado’s Department of Clinical Pharmacy cited in this article, notes that “osteoporosis of the jaw…has been reported with longer term use and atypical fractures, which are fractures of the femur, or thigh bone.”

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