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Fortuitous Sufganiyot

December 22nd, 2010

From the National Law Journal:

Stephen Weiss thought it would be easy. His wife, Debra, was bogged down with running holiday errands in New York and needed him to pick up sufganiyot for the first night of Hanukkah. The jelly donuts are a holiday mainstay for the Weisses and their children, Alex, 17; Samara, 14; and Jason, 7. “It was the one thing she wanted me to do,” he said.

Little did he know how rare the sweets become on the Upper East Side of Manhattan as the Jewish holiday approaches. “I stopped at a dozen and a half places, including Dunkin’ Donuts,” he said. Out of options, he trudged homeward with trepidation to confess to his wife that he wasn’t able to do the one task she had asked of him.

Half a block from their apartment, however, he spotted a fellow delivering boxes of something into a bagel shop. “What are those?” he asked the man. “Jelly donuts!” came the reply. Disaster averted.

Justice and Art

December 15th, 2010

From the New York Times:

Representing Justice [is] an academic treatise on threats to the modern judiciary that doubles as an obsessive’s tour of Western art through the lens of the law.

The book charts how the iconography of justice has both reflected and influenced the development of courts and national governments and how that imagery is now often no longer able to carry the weight of the legal demands of the modern world.

Strong Evidence Emerges of BP Oil on Seafloor

December 9th, 2010

From the WSJ:

The material appears in spots across several thousand square miles of seafloor, they said. In many of those spots, they said, worms and other marine life that crawl along the sediment appear dead, though many organisms that can swim appear healthy. How the death of organisms in the sediment might affect the broader Gulf ecology is something scientists are studying.